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Class & Workshop Catalogue
Beginner Needlepoint
New to needlepoint?  This is for you!  We prefer this to be a smaller class, maybe you and a friend, so call today and ask for details...if there isn't one on the schedule, we are happy to schedule a private lesson/class for beginners - it gets you started with all the right habits! 

Beyond Basketweave
If you've mastered basketweave but need some tips and tricks, and maybe a beginner-level decorative stitch or two, this class is for you!  This class is always SO much fun because it is tailored to what the class members already know and what they want to learn!   

Tips, Tools, and Techniques
Waste knots and tails; laying tools and thread cutters; this class covers lots of little details that you will only learn by taking a class such as this!

Canvas Enhancement
Do you have a canvas that calls for some decorative stitches? Are you ready to take your stitching a step above Basketweave?  Come to Enhancement and see what can happen! This smaller class allows the instructor to focus on EACH canvas and provide specific thread and stitch suggestions for each part.  It's like having a stitch guide written on the spot!  Be prepared to stitch - bring your canvas and whatever threads you've selected and all your stitching supplies, also bring a stitch book, if you have one.

How to Choose Stitches
Do you stumble when it comes to choosing decorative stitches for your canvases?  What fits where? What size should the stitch be?  When should you use "plain ol' Basketweave?"  If you struggle with these questions, this class is for you!   This class teaches you how to plan for the overall "feeling" of your canvas and how your stitch selection makes your canvas come to life!  The class will be more discussion than stitching so come with your questions!  Bring a canvas (or two) and your threads, needles, scissors, pen, paper. ​

Beading 101
Are you interested in enhancing your stitching by adding beads?  How do you attach them so they won't fall off?  Did you know there is a right and wrong way to attach your beads?  Sign up for this class and make those snowflakes sparkle and stars shine! 
Class size is limited to 4.

We have SO many items to help you "finish" your projects, once you have completed the stitching.  Coasters, jewelry boxes, passport covers, clutch bags...these items look sharp and sophisticated when they are finished in the leather item!  If you have a self-finishing item and the canvas to go in it, bring them to class and we will finish them on the spot! 
This is NOT a "finishing" is for self-finishing items.
  Please come by the shop if you have any questions about your canvas "fitting" in the item.

*** Please call the shop to register. 804-269-0355
* Cost: $25 per class, except where noted
* Please bring your canvas, threads, stitching supplies, and a pen and paper.
* Class size is limited to 6, except  where noted (Canvas Enhancement and Beading 101).
* Your payment reserves your spot at the table.  For any cancellation more than 24 hours prior to the scheduled class time, your payment may be transferred to any open class within 90 days.  Any cancellation within 24 hours of the scheduled class time results in the forfeiture of your payment.